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US Capitol - Government building Royalty Free Stock ImagesFederal Labor Law Consultants is providing the following hyper link to the US DOL’s Wage and Hour Division website to  provide valuable guidance and resources to both employers and to employees regarding a host of federal labor subjects.   This link will also provide immediate access to all of the US DOL/WHD’s library of FACT SHEETS which “translate” all the “legalese” and are written in easy-to-understand English (also available in Spanish, and other languages) and are listed in alphabetical order by subject matter.

It is highly recommended that employers become familiar with the “common core” of FACT SHEETS offered. For example, Fact Sheet #17A deals with defining and explaining certain Executive Exemptions (salaried exempt) which every business owner should be familiar with.  Fact Sheet #21 deals with Recordkeeping…again which every business owner MUST be familiar with in order to retain and maintain certain minimum records required under the Fair Labor Standards Act as well as the length of time those respective records should retained for. Fact Sheet #22 deals with Overtime issues….how to define it…and how to apply and calculate it correctly.  Fact Sheet #77 deals with the Prohibition of Retailiating against employees for a variety of reasons.  Employers can also find various Fact Sheets on Davis-Bacon and Related Acts (DBRA) for federally-funded construction work projects.

Other Fact Sheets are also available on the McNamara-O’Hara Service Contracts Act (SCA) for Mail Haulers. And, yet other Fact Sheetsare available on Health Care subject for those employers/employees operating or working in hospitals, medical practices, home healthcare, assisted living, nursing homes, and adult foster care facilities.


If you are simply interested in Fact Sheets, then please go to www.dol.gov    In the upper right hand corner of the first page, you will see a “search box”.  Type in:  “Fact Sheets”  and you will then be taken to a page where you will see Fact Sheets listed approximately 1/3 down the page.  Click on Fact Sheets..and the same Fact Sheet listing will appear as explained above.

In addition to Fact Sheets, this resource page will also provide invaluable information on “Forms” which employers and employees may access such as:  WH-347, Certified Payroll forms required by federal law and  used by contractor employers on federally-funded Davis Bacon construction project work.  Employers and employees may also find all of the required Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) forms used by both employers covered under FMLA and also by employees.