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Understanding & Complying with FLSA

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Since the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) occupies the majority of US Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour investigations, this is where your firm should invest the majority of it’s time.  We can quickly and cost-effectively educate and inform you and your staff regarding applicable Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) subject areas.  We can offer “one-on-one” employer consultations or we can provide cost-effective  “customized” FLSA classroom presentations to your staff.   If your firm has at least 10 supervisors/managers, the classroom training approach could be a very cost-effective option to quickly educate your supervisory/management staff on  requirements under the law and the most important federal labor law enforcement issues every manager, supervisor and human resource professional must know and effectively handle on a daily basis.

Randolf (Randy) E. Whitmire
Randolph (Randy) E. Whitmire

Federal Wage & Hour Investigator- Retired

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"No law is mightier than understanding" - Plato