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Education - Training

Education and Training

Federal Labor Law Consultants also offers “customized” presentations and seminars (audience participation-role plays) focusing on specific federal labor law subjects depending on the needs of the employer.  Some organizations require education and information on only one subject area.  Other organizations, however, may require more extensive education and information for their staff encompassing multiple labor law subjects.   We are able to effectively customize  seminars and presentations to fit the needs and budgets of any size company or business organization.  And, we insure that our clients are always satisfied with every facet of our education and training services.

Presentations are the most popular and cost-effective means of quickly imparting critically important information to insure understanding and effective compliance with applicable laws.   Ad hoc presentations can range from 3 hours to an entire day (breaks and lunch included) depending on the training objectives and the labor law subject matter.  Seminars, on the other hand,  can range from one full day to a full week (5 business days) again depending on the training objectives and the  needs of the company.   Presentations are typically designed for employers/supervisors/managers. Seminars, which are more extensive and time-consuming, include maximum participation from attendees through exercises, activities and role plays incorporating “key” learning points for maximum retention and effective application after the training session.

Randolf (Randy) E. Whitmire
Randolph (Randy) E. Whitmire

Federal Wage & Hour Investigator- Retired

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