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Consulting Advocate

CONSULTING ADVOCATE –  “We are squarely in YOUR CORNER WORKING FOR YOU every step of the way.   Our “Confidentiality Agreement” insures that your sensitive company information remains safe and secure throughout any review and analysis by Federal Labor Law Consultants.  And, we insure that your company information remains safe and secure even after our work is done.

And, if you have already been notified of a pending federal investigation OR if you’re already undergoing a US DOL/WHD federal investigation, we can still help!  We can answer questions which US DOL/WHD is either unable or unwilling to provide answers for. We quickly assess and determine your firm’s compliance with the specific federal labor laws applicable to your situation. And, we follow up by providing specific recommendations and action plans to insure immediate and cost-effective compliance and “risk aversion.”   We help employers SEE THE ROAD AHEAD and to be “anticipatory” rather than “reactionary” when it comes to federal labor law compliance.

NOTE:  We do not substitute for, nor do we provide  legal counsel, advice or other legal representation


Randolf (Randy) E. Whitmire
Randolph (Randy) E. Whitmire

Federal Wage & Hour Investigator- Retired

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