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Client Testimonials


Testimonial Letter from Large Manufacturing Client in northern Michigan:

SUNFROG Testimonial Letter Jan 2017  (We don’t normally publicize the names of our clients but we made an exception with this gracious testimonial)

Quotes from Various Clients in SE Michigan:

“Randy, I have gotten positive feedback from everyone who attended the seminar today.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the group.”  (CPA firm)

“…the attention to detail and valuable information presented today will have positive and far-ranging results for our managers and for our employees well into the future.”  (Nursery)

” Now, I can really help my bookkeeping clients to remain in compliance with current federal labor laws.  Although I’m very knowledgeable about bookkeeping and reconciling my clients respective books, you presented new information that I was not aware of and would not have been able to share with my clients.”  (Bookkeeper)

“I used Federal Labor Law Consultants to represent us in a recent US DOL/WHD investigation.  They represented my company in front of US DOL/WHD thoroughly and professionally…from the Initial Conference through providing US DOL/WHD with all necessary reports and other documentation requested.  They consulted with me every step of the way throughout the investigation so we knew exactly what to expect.   That high level of communication and coordination gave me confidence and a tremendous “peace of mind” while permitting me to focus on the continuing operation of my business.   Federal Labor Law Consultants also provided valuable information and education on various facets of FLSA and how to cost-effectively remain in compliance which saved us considerable time and money when the investigation was finally concluded.”  (Landscaping & Nursery)

“Federal Labor Law Consultants are no substitute for a competent Employment Law attorney. However, they did a wonderful job of helping my company (and my staff)  to understand the applicable laws and how to cost-effectively remain in compliance.”  (local restaurant owner)

“…their thorough review and analyses of our operations, our payroll reports and how we had been classifying employees..opened our eyes to issues we were never aware of.  Their services were worth much more than words can ever describe.” (Owner of chain of gas station/convenience store operations)